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Our Motto:

"Wherever there's danger, wherever there's trouble, wherever there's important work to be done - we'll be somewhere else, looking for spanking material!"
chicago loop this week's sneak peek
Aerial photo of Chicago by Alex S. MacLean This week's Sneak Peek:   Another bad girl gets a spanking!

Chicago Spanking Review is a Chicago-based free on-line journal of information and opinion on the the spanking scene, intended for those interested in the subject of adult spanking. Our goals are:

  • Present stimulating photos and drawings (including comic-book spankings, a special interest of ours), placing them in social/historical context where possible.
  • Provide a forum to promote discussion and an exhange of information among spankophiles.
  • Publicize spanking social events, especially those taking place in the American midwest, to encourage greater participation in them by members of the spanking community.
  • Explain the importance of using proper techniques for both safety and satisfaction.

For more about who we are and what we stand for, please click here.

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one egg paddles another Happy Easter, everyone! We don't know who did this clever bit of egg-coloring (the spanker-egg's arm seems to have been digitally added on later), but we like it! Notice that the eggs are held stationary by the beveled holes in a real-life wooden paddle, which we trust is used by (or on) the real-life artist.

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Articles Button ARTICLES - Understanding the Whys and Hows of Spanking Updated 04/11/2014
link to CSR Comics page COMICS GALLERY 1 - Spankings in independent art featuring characters from comic books and strips [spanking art] Updated 04/11/2014
link to CSR Comics page 2 COMICS GALLERY 2 - Spankings from actual comic books, strips, and animations [spanking art] Updated 04/18/2014
link to CSR Comics Data Base COMICS SPANKING DATA BASE - Searchable, detailed information on every spanking from comic books and comic strips we can find. Updated 04/18/2014
link to CSR doc cylon gallery DOCTOR CYLON'S WORLD - And a strange world it is, filled with spankings and red bottoms! [spanking art] Updated 11/16/2012
Events Button EVENTS in the scene Updated 01/11/2013
fiction button FICTION - Stories by Doc Cylon, Helena, Leilani, JimC, John Feer, Jules, M.D. and others! Updated 04/18/2014
forum button FORUMS - Speak your mind on a variety of spanking topics, and start your own poll if you wish
link to CSR photo gallery PICTURE GALLERY - Looking at a few good pics [spanking photos and art] Updated 02/21/2014
link to CSR humor page HUMOR GALLERY - Looking for a few good laughs [spanking photos and art] Updated 04/18/2014
Links Button LINKS to some spanking websites worth knowing about Updated 02/01/2013
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Latest News and Updates

Personal Messages from the Web-Ed

Next Week: The month long CSR Tenth Anniversary Celebration concludes!

  • One more romance comic-book spanking like the four we did in February, never before seen!
  • The Humorama Series: a monumental undertaking to display all the great Humorama spanking cartoons that some readers probably prefer even to our famous comic-book stuff. After running continuously for 2 1/2 years, I halted it temporarily last August when I ran out of material, but I've found several more cartoons since then, and so I'm going to revive the series for one week only, long enough to bring you Secretary Spanking #42!
  • Video: This is another area that we're not particularly known for, but when you check out the index page you discover we've posted a lot of unique items over the years (we only started this section in 2010). I managed to capture a better-quality version of the little-known spanking scene from the American television series Route 66, and not content to rest there I've accompanied it with probably the longest critical commentary in spanking site history! I managed to drag in two additional video clips, discussions of dramatic technique and naturalism in television, the music of Nelson Riddle (I even transcribed his theme music!), the movie The Wolf Man, the Batman and The Fugitive TV series, and another, non-spanking episode of Route 66 that guest-starred Julie Newmar! It's an unbelievable tour de force, but if my commentary isn't to your taste, you can always just watch the spanking as Martin Milner lays down the law to Diane Baker!
  • Finally, I'm going to do something on the CSR Forum each week: (1) Grateful Acknowledgements; (2) What it Takes to Do a Page on CSR; (3) Where CSR Stands Today; (4) Where Do We Go From Here?

-- Web-Ed, 04/18/2014

  • We've never emphasized spanking fiction here because there are other sites devoted completely to it, but on the other hand we've published a number of quality pieces over the years by different authors. For our anniversary we've selected a story by MD, A Promise Kept.
  • On several occasions, we've published spankings we had known about for many years but no one else in the spanko world seemed to have even suspected existed, and last year we managed to relocate one in a humor magazine we first discovered 34 years ago - and then lost!
  • CSR New Discoveries: There are several different kinds of spanking in comic books and strips. Not the sexiest but still one of the more fun types is Hero Spanks Bad Girl, and we found a new example of it: Ace Carter Spanks Fatima.
  • One of our central features in 2014 is going to be a series of articles explaining the Whys of Spanking. This week, we start at the beginning by examining the question What is Spanking?. And no, the answer is not so obvious as it might seem.
  • Many times we have lamented missed opportunities for spankings in comics - we even have a topic devoted to this subject on the bulletin board. But David Sherwood decided to do more than lament - he actually did something about it! After a mother-like robot spanked a male character in Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Travelling Thieves #3, there was apparently an off-panel spanking of a female character, Bianca, as well. He commissioned two pages that show Bianca's spanking - a truly unique item!
  • CSR New Discoveries: We've featured a lot of secretary spankings as part of the Humorama Series, but this time we found one in the comic strip Somebody's Stenog.
  • Years ago, we wrote an introduction to a treatise on The Whys of Spanking - then we got so busy posting spanking material we never finished writing the thing! Well, we're writing it now as one of our central features in 2014, so here is the new introduction. We'll see Chapter 1 next week.
  • Comics Update: Michael sent us new scans of the 1949 spanking panel in Alley Oop, as well as some surrounding dailies to put in in context.
  • And since we're on the subject of Alley Oop, Michael also sent us a scene by Tim that should have taken place in that long-running comic strip, Bottom Marks in History.
  • CSR New Discoveries: Lt. Lank spanks Queen Ursula in his long-forgotten strip. Not a great scene because the artist chose to black out the figures, but the spanking technically does take place on-camera and it's always good to see a queen taken down a peg by being turned OTK.
  • Comics Update: New scans of the odd spanking panel in Crimes by Women #14. These new scans aren't any better than the old one, but they do provide some interesting documentation, including the fact that the spanking was reprinted in a horror comic!

More About CSR

Surf Free or Die: This is a free site, something of a throwback to the early, pre-commercial days of the web. There's nothing wrong with commerce, of course - it is after all the lifeblood of the nation - but we're sick of pay sites run on the side by large porno outfits that have no genuine interest in spanking. There are some worthy pay sites of course (usually run by genuine spankos), and you can find a few of them on our links page along with free sites and blogs.

What we stand for: Our focus here is on adult spanking, with sane people engaging in safe, consensual play. Because of this, with some very minor exceptions we don't feature any material on this site involving the disciplinary spanking of children, a subject which can and should be discussed elsewhere (we're against it, by the way, like most spankos we know). Our concern is that if we included spankings of both adults and children, some people might think we were trying to eroticize child-spanking because the larger context in which it was presented included elements of adult erotic spanking as well. Therefore, despite our interest in comics, we won't post any of the numerous comic-book spankings involving Nancy, Li'l Dot, Li'l Jinx, etc. We don't consider Superbaby/Superboy spankings (really attempted spankings) to be a problem because, as will be seen in the Comics Gallery, they never come off. By contrast, there is a panel from an old Superboy that shows Professor Lang spanking a young Lana Lang that we won't post, although we do have an aborted spanking of Lana as an older teen. And we have posted an anti-school paddling article by "Martin" that echoes our own thoughts on the subject.

In the galleries, we try to present interesting examples of spankings in popular culture, placing them in a social/historical context where necessary as it often is for items that are decades old. Some of this material has appeared elsewhere, but much has been taken from original sources or was actually commissioned for CSR. With the articles almost all are original and have never appeared anywhere else, offering our readers what we hope is a unique and valuable perpective.

Submissions: We update the site with additional material whenever we can. Most of it we gathered ourselves, but we are always grateful for submissions although we can't pay for them (the only exception being occasional commissioned works of art). If you have written an article, a work of spanking fiction, or have any pictures (which you own or to which you hold the copyright) that you would like to see posted, please send them along to the web-ed.

Contributors (heroes all):   Alan, Arkham-Insanity, Bill, Cc, Charlie, Collegeboy, Congolike, Coyote On Fire, Dan Rivera, David Sherwood, Doctor Cylon, Douglas E. Milburn, Fanz123, Franco, Helena, Hugob00m, Jenna, JesseRay, JimC, Jim Linderman, John Feer, Johnny Ola, JS666, Jules, Leilani, Lucas, Luther, Lyndal Ferguson, Mattias, Monk, Metric Pete, Michael Gray, Michal Valášek, MikeD, Overbarrel, Oxken, Pablo, Rob, Robin, Solicitus, SP Anka, Steve W, Sweetspot, Tiptopper, Todd, Valorie, Wolfie138